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  • What is Diamond Youth Development, Inc. ?
    We are a 501 c 3 non profit organization located in Rutherford County, TN created for black girls in our community to help with leadership and personal development.
  • Why was Diamond Youth Development founded?
    To create community and a safe space for young black girls in our community. A place to be inspired, empowered and enriched.
  • How long has Diamond Youth Development been around?
    DYD was founded in August of 2022.
  • Is DYD just for black girls?
    Diamond Youth Development unapologetically centers the needs of black girls and women in our community. Due to the lack of gender responsive and culturally affirming safe spaces for young black girls, especially middle school age. So we work to provide very niche and target services. However, we understand that leadership development and personal growth is important for all. So we ask all those interested in our programming, regardless of age, gender or race to enter into our “space” understanding that our curriculum and our work speakers directly to the experiences of black girls, black families and their support systems.
  • When does your program year begin?
    We take applications every August beginning on the 19th (our anniversary) for two weeks. Our program kicks -off the new season in September of each year.
  • Is this a Step Team?
    No, step is a component of the program we use to reinforce leadership and sisterhood. However we do hope your daughter enjoys physical activity and performing
  • Is there an extra cost for activities and parent workshops?
    No, both of these are benefits of membership
  • How many Saturdays can my daughter miss?
    We give all Diamonds 4 absences per season but we must be made aware prior to the session.
  • How do I get involved?
    We are always looking for opportunities to involve the community in our programming. Whether it be volunteering with our events, becoming a mentor, joining the board or becoming a Diamond. We’ve got something for anyone who feels patient about youth development for young black girls. Please see our join us page to fill out our inquiry form and someone will get back to you shortly.
  • Are donations to Diamond Youth Development tax - deductible?
    YES! We have our 501 c 3 making all donations deductible. To give to DYD please click on the donate link.
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