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Step into Excellence

Welcome to our flagship program, "Step into Excellence" – a transformative journey for girls of color ages 9 to 14 in Murfreesboro, TN.

Program Overview

Duration: 10 months

Frequency: Two events per month

Explore our comprehensive program tailored for young Black girls, ages 9-14, in Rutherford County, TN
What To Expect
  • Workshops and Sister Circles: A safe space for girls to connect, share experiences and learn valuable life skills related to self-esteem, leadership and more.

  • STEP Practice: Participants explore critical areas of personal growth and development through discussions and activities.

  • Hands-On Learning: Monthly exercises exploring character, culture, confidence and community within the confines of a particular theme.

Community-Wide Events:

Section Title

  • As part of the program, we organize two special events open to the public:

  • Confidence Conference: A gathering where girls can boost their self-confidence, hear inspiring speakers, and participate in confidence-building exercises. This event empowers girls to embrace their unique strengths.

  • Career Exploration Day: Girls get a glimpse into various career paths, engage with professionals, and discover exciting opportunities in STEM and beyond. This day inspires future leaders to pursue their dreams.

Expected Outcomes:

Participating in "Step into Excellence" can lead to a range of positive outcomes, including:

INCREASED CONFIDENCE: Girls develop self-assuredness, enabling them to take on challenges and pursue their goals.

COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT: Our participants become active contributors to their communities, creating positive change.

ACADEMIC SUCCESS: We see improved academic performance and a love for learning.

EXPLORATION OF OPPORTUNITIES: Girls gain exposure to STEM-based learning and career possibilities.

CULTURAL PRIDE: We foster a deep appreciation for African American culture and heritage.

MENTAL WELL-BEING: Girls have a mentor and a supportive space to share their stories and challenges, promoting mental stability.

Grow Your Vision

"Welcome parents! If you're interested in enrolling your daughter in our targeted leadership training program, "Step into Excellence," simply click 'Join the waitlist and we will send you a form when open registration starts for next season. 

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